Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17, 2014


I moved into the other Gera apartment when we went down to one companionship here. But don't worry, I've still gotten everything - the other apartment is like 5 minutes away. But yeah, I'm staying here in Gera and I'll be getting a new companion, Elder Wright. I know him a little bit and he's way cool. I'm excited. But yeah, having the last transfer call with President Schwartz was way weird and sad. But we're having Zone Conference with him next week so it's not quite done yet. 

But the festival thing was way good. We had some crafts and stuff for kids and that was where we saw the most action, but that was still good because it was just exposure for the church, which is pretty important here, seeing as we have 20 members and are jammed up above a baumarkt haha. It was fun. We did give out a few Books of Mormons though. And on Saturday, the daunting "die Mormonen" team will be taking part in the soccer tournament which is the final event of the festival, so that will be fun haha. 

But Happy Father's Day, Dad! I had no idea.... sorry. But yeah it was last month here. Haha, but I did get a Snickers bar at church so that was nice. 

Things are going well here… nice weather, Germany destroyed Portugal last night, and yeah... it’s all good. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Brown

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