Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013


Pretty quiet week here as well.... so looks like we had that in common. Still a good week though. Started planning for our upcoming baptism, so that was cool. Other than that, it was pretty quiet, kinda just like a calm in between the storms haha. Transfer ended kinda crazy, and we've got a lot of plans for this transfer that will hopefully start to take shape this week. 

The weather's been kind of inconvenient haha... It'll be super hot, and then it will just start raining, and we don't have anything with us. So we got a little wet a couple times last week. It was fun though. One of the times, we were at the church, and it was pouring pretty hard. But it was time to go home, so we were just like whatever, and ran for the bus stop. We got soaked... like legitimately soaked haha. We probably looked pretty hot in our white shirts though, so that was a plus. 

The new group of missionaries was pretty small (7 or 8 I think) so not a whole lot changed. Our zone stayed essentially the same. One sister went home, and another went to be Sister Training Leader in Dortmund zone. She was from our district, and she was way cool. But that was it. Next transfer will probably be crazy though... there's like over 30 new missionaries coming in, and a lot of the areas here haven't changed for a while. There will be like 10 or 12 new areas opening, so that will make things interesting. But that's a while away...

…to your question, Mom, yeah the missionaries can go to the temple. We're allowed to go once a cycle but we have to finance it ourselves or go with a member so it's kind of difficult. I'd really like to go though. 

But umm, that's about it. Hope everyone's doing well!! Happy August and bis nächste woche!

Elder Brown

                                                 Having fun in a store...             

With some other missionaries...

A zone activity...

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013


Sorry I have to be pretty short today. We were in Xanten all day and we just got home... But didn't wanna leave ya hanging again. 

This week was way cool, really busy! I was wiped out by the end of it. Had two splits, one in Krefeld and one in Solingen with Elder Ockey. Pretty good. Also on Tuesday we had a JAE activity in Köln that was way cool. We filled up a ton of panty hose with flour and had a "snowball fight". It was pretty sweet. 

Xanten today was way cool... It's an old roman city and has a coliseum and everything. We just hung out and played kickball and stuff. It's pretty cool cuz our Zone is way tight, and we were all really scared it was gonna get destroyed by transfers... and two people left haha. I'm staying in Solingen with Elder Collins, and I'm way pumped. I absolutely love it here. We're really excited for this transfer. 

But anyways, nothing too exciting... It's freaking hot here right now. I got a pretty righteous sunburn today... Also this week we had tacos and Dr. Pepper with a family... even better than the burger last week. 

And to Dad's question, my German is coming along pretty well. I feel pretty confident conversing with people and teaching. It's pretty sweet. Still got a ton of room to learn though. 

I'll have a better email next week!!! Til then, love you guys so much!!!!! Keep it real! 


Elder Brown

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hey errrbody, 

The Kölner Dom is so rad, right? I love P-days here they're always sweet. And we don't get a ton of questions on P-day cuz we kinda just blend in with all the other tourists. One American guy did recognize us at the Dom though.

Last P-day we went to Essen and went to an American burger restaurant and I had a spicy jalapeno burger and Dr. Pepper and I almost died. I haven't had legitimately spicy food in too long...

Sundays are usually pretty chill. The YSA waiting for her mission call hasn't gotten it yet, so hopefully this week. That'd be way tight. This week looks like it'll be fun. We have a YSA activity in Köln tomorrow and then I've got splits all week. And then transfer calls! so crazy. A new area is opening in Solingen so that'll be interesting to see how that goes. 

Fun fact, I was on a split in Wuppertal last week and I was looking through some stuff, and found out that Elder Tryon served in Wuppertal. So that just adds to the Denton-D'dorf District connection.

This week was fun though. We had Zone training on Thursday, which is always good. Then we had an appointment with one of our favorite investigators and she's getting baptized next month! So tight. So just another reason I hope I stay in Solingen. I also had a split in Wuppertal that was fun, and then on Saturday we had a Zone finding day in Mönchengladbach. That was... fun haha. It's always fun being with the Zone. The week was way good though. This transfer was kinda crazy and has absolutely flown by. Transfer calls will be interesting. 

But, we're staying busy and I'm having a ton of fun. I hope everyone is doing great! 


Elder Brown

Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Wasssup??  Glad to hear that just another chill week has come and gone back in Tejas.

Fourth of July here was just great... We had an appointment with a dude in Wuppertal in the morning that was cool. Then we went to Düsseldorf to pick up the new comp for Elder Brant, which marked the end of the dritt. Then we had a wonderful 4th of July dinner of bratwurst and rotkohl... haha. It was pretty sweet. 

Anyways, this week was pretty sweet. On Monday, we had a Zone P-Day in Köln, and it was wayyyy fun. Did I send you guys those pics of the Kölner Dom? If not, you should Google it. It is so tight. Then we had an appointment with a Brazilian lady. She`s way cool, and it went really well, so we`ll see where that goes. 

Tuesday was interesting... haha. We had district meeting in Düsseldorf, which is always good. But then we were going to meet with a bunch of other missionaries for lunch because it was a missionary´s birthday. But... the restaurant was closed. But it was in Duisburg, and we had our YSA´s and an investigator coming, so we stayed. Then we decided to go to Krefeld and eat there, so we did that. By the time this was all done it was like 6. Then we took a train back to D´dorf, and like all the trains from D´dorf Hauptbahnhof were cancelled cuz some train caught on fire somewhere, so we took a bus from D´dorf to Solingen. All in all, we got home at around 10:30. Haha, so that was fun. 

Wednesday, we had breakfast with a way cool family in the ward, and taught the investigator who was with us on Tuesday. She´s the friend of one of the YSA´s who´s waiting on her mission call, so that´s pretty cool. It might come this week. Then we went to Monheim and taught an investigator. He came to church yesterday, so that’s pretty sweet. 

Already said what happened on Thursday.... Friday and Saturday were pretty sweet. We were on a power split with the Bonn elders in Solingen... and did work. On Friday I was with an elder that´s been here for three weeks, and we had three appointments, so that was sick. (I talked a lot haha) And then we went to a concert by a guy in our ward´s band. He shreds the drums. He played for Madonna and has played with Phil Collins, so that was pretty dope.  Saturday I was with Elder Divver, who is the man (it´s me, him, and Elder Blackley, one of the ZL´s, in that castle pic on the blog... just fyi). And we had an appoinment with the less active member that cuts our hair haha. 

But then we had a tight YSA activity in Düsseldorf. It was a pancake/nutella/ice cream/karaoke party... so uhhh yeah haha. 

But yeah, the week was pretty sweet. Things are going well in Solingen. We´re going to Essen today..... I hope things are going well for everyone back home.

Bis nächste mal
Elder Brown

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013


Things are still kinda crazy here, but at least I remembered to email! We`re back in the dritt this week so that`s fun... Haha. It really is, it just makes for some crazy days.

I definitely do not miss Texas summer. It´s been like 70 and cloudy for the past week or so and it`s so wonderful. I do miss Rangers games though, that sounds like it was fun. I`m surprised Olivia didn`t like the fireworks, I would`ve thought she`d be all over that. I`ve thoroughly enjoyed the few artwork installments that I`ve gotten haha. That`s sweet that Griffin is at Cambridge.

I totally forgot July 4th was even a thing... Man… I`ll buy myself a döner or something I guess. I found a Dr. Pepper once in Düsseldorf and I almost cried. Solingen ward has a huge barbecue in September so hopefully I`m still here.

Anyways, this week has been pretty sweet. Monday we went to Duisburg and played bball and some stuff so that was fun. Tuesday I was on a split with one of the ZL´s, Elder Blackley, who`s tight. Then Wednesday we had District Meeting then an appointment with an investigator in Monheim. Friday we had interviews with President Schwartz and a JAE activity in Düsseldorf where we played kickball. That was sweet. Then on Saturday we had an appointment with one of our investigators who`s super cool. She invited us to the restaurant where she works and gave us free schnitzel. So that was pretty dope. 

We`ve been working hard and Solingen`s really starting to go somewhere. I`m really excited for this month, I think some good stuff is going to happen. 

That`s about all I`ve got for this week. Do you guys have any questions about Germany? Hit me up!!


Elder Brown