Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013


Things are still kinda crazy here, but at least I remembered to email! We`re back in the dritt this week so that`s fun... Haha. It really is, it just makes for some crazy days.

I definitely do not miss Texas summer. It´s been like 70 and cloudy for the past week or so and it`s so wonderful. I do miss Rangers games though, that sounds like it was fun. I`m surprised Olivia didn`t like the fireworks, I would`ve thought she`d be all over that. I`ve thoroughly enjoyed the few artwork installments that I`ve gotten haha. That`s sweet that Griffin is at Cambridge.

I totally forgot July 4th was even a thing... Man… I`ll buy myself a döner or something I guess. I found a Dr. Pepper once in Düsseldorf and I almost cried. Solingen ward has a huge barbecue in September so hopefully I`m still here.

Anyways, this week has been pretty sweet. Monday we went to Duisburg and played bball and some stuff so that was fun. Tuesday I was on a split with one of the ZL´s, Elder Blackley, who`s tight. Then Wednesday we had District Meeting then an appointment with an investigator in Monheim. Friday we had interviews with President Schwartz and a JAE activity in Düsseldorf where we played kickball. That was sweet. Then on Saturday we had an appointment with one of our investigators who`s super cool. She invited us to the restaurant where she works and gave us free schnitzel. So that was pretty dope. 

We`ve been working hard and Solingen`s really starting to go somewhere. I`m really excited for this month, I think some good stuff is going to happen. 

That`s about all I`ve got for this week. Do you guys have any questions about Germany? Hit me up!!


Elder Brown

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