Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013


Sorry I have to be pretty short today. We were in Xanten all day and we just got home... But didn't wanna leave ya hanging again. 

This week was way cool, really busy! I was wiped out by the end of it. Had two splits, one in Krefeld and one in Solingen with Elder Ockey. Pretty good. Also on Tuesday we had a JAE activity in Köln that was way cool. We filled up a ton of panty hose with flour and had a "snowball fight". It was pretty sweet. 

Xanten today was way cool... It's an old roman city and has a coliseum and everything. We just hung out and played kickball and stuff. It's pretty cool cuz our Zone is way tight, and we were all really scared it was gonna get destroyed by transfers... and two people left haha. I'm staying in Solingen with Elder Collins, and I'm way pumped. I absolutely love it here. We're really excited for this transfer. 

But anyways, nothing too exciting... It's freaking hot here right now. I got a pretty righteous sunburn today... Also this week we had tacos and Dr. Pepper with a family... even better than the burger last week. 

And to Dad's question, my German is coming along pretty well. I feel pretty confident conversing with people and teaching. It's pretty sweet. Still got a ton of room to learn though. 

I'll have a better email next week!!! Til then, love you guys so much!!!!! Keep it real! 


Elder Brown

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