Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hey errrbody, 

The Kölner Dom is so rad, right? I love P-days here they're always sweet. And we don't get a ton of questions on P-day cuz we kinda just blend in with all the other tourists. One American guy did recognize us at the Dom though.

Last P-day we went to Essen and went to an American burger restaurant and I had a spicy jalapeno burger and Dr. Pepper and I almost died. I haven't had legitimately spicy food in too long...

Sundays are usually pretty chill. The YSA waiting for her mission call hasn't gotten it yet, so hopefully this week. That'd be way tight. This week looks like it'll be fun. We have a YSA activity in Köln tomorrow and then I've got splits all week. And then transfer calls! so crazy. A new area is opening in Solingen so that'll be interesting to see how that goes. 

Fun fact, I was on a split in Wuppertal last week and I was looking through some stuff, and found out that Elder Tryon served in Wuppertal. So that just adds to the Denton-D'dorf District connection.

This week was fun though. We had Zone training on Thursday, which is always good. Then we had an appointment with one of our favorite investigators and she's getting baptized next month! So tight. So just another reason I hope I stay in Solingen. I also had a split in Wuppertal that was fun, and then on Saturday we had a Zone finding day in Mönchengladbach. That was... fun haha. It's always fun being with the Zone. The week was way good though. This transfer was kinda crazy and has absolutely flown by. Transfer calls will be interesting. 

But, we're staying busy and I'm having a ton of fun. I hope everyone is doing great! 


Elder Brown

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