Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013


It's been pretty nice here for the last week or so. It rained pretty hard yesterday though. I think Summer is well on its way out. 

But yep, transfer calls will be this week, it's so weird. It seems that every cycle goes by faster. I've already been in Solingen for four months! Pretty crazy. It'll be a crazy couple of days. This zone is pretty tight…. I've loved my time in Düsseldorf Zone. We'll see what happens. 

That's crazy that the second school year since I've graduated is starting... I'm so old! Haha, I've only got three months left as a teenager, what the heck??

But not much too new to report from here. This week was kind of just a settle down from the work and excitement of the baptism week. Just kinda had to formulate what's next for Solingen. It was a good week though. Met a lot of new people though. Met some less actives that we hadn't met with before, as well as getting some new referrals, so that was cool. Things are definitely looking up for Solingen I think. 

Our ward mission leader came back from his temple mission, which was nice. He's a boss. He's got a great vision for the missionary work here and really wants to make it happen. 

But not really anything else. The package was awesome, we've made some delicious tacos a couple times this week. A little taste of home haha. It's nice to have something like that every now and then. German food is great, but still. Yesterday we had a pretty massive dinner appointment. Had a ton of salad and bread and stuff, and then two schnitzels and potatoes and yeah... I was very full haha. Gotta start doing morgen sport. Haha.

But that's about it, hope everything is still going well with everybody. Love you guys!

Elder Brown

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hey everybody!!

I did indeed perform the baptism... it was so awesome. The whole experience of just teaching, and preparing, and the baptism was just sweet. She is so cool, and she's going to be a way solid addition to the Solingen ward. But yeah, that was the highlight of last week for sure. The program was way good, a lot of missionaries came with investigators so that was really cool. A member gave a talk on baptism and then Elder Ockey gave a talk about the Holy Ghost. Then there were a lot of refreshments... which is always good. The ward was really excited and has done a really good job of welcoming. Elder Collins and I, and the bishop confirmed her on Sunday, and now she's a member, so tight! Definitely will be an experience I look back on the rest of my mission. 

I got my visa and I look pretty dang fresh. Rocking the combover and what not. I'll have to send you guys a pic...) And dang, you'll have to keep your eye out for Elder Hall if you're ever around the YSA ward again, that guy is too fresh.

But in other news this week.... not much. I went on a split with Elder Brown in Krefeld.... so that was fun haha. The people definitely enjoyed themselves some same name humor. And then the rest of the week was basically spent visiting some of our usual people and getting ready for the baptism. It was a good week. 

…until next week! Love you guys,

Elder Brown

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hey everybody!

The week went well here as well. But church was the whole 3 hours yesterday haha. It was actually fairly chilly in the morning, then warmed up later in the day. It was cool though. During the 2nd hour we basically just planned everything for the upcoming baptism, she tried on the clothes and talked to the bishop and stuff and then we had a little lesson. But everything is on track for Saturday and we're way pumped. It will be really cool. 

This week was pretty crazy. Elder Collins had to go down to two meetings in Frankfurt, and I stayed in Düsseldorf with the ZL's on Tuesday, then went down to Euskirchen on Wednesday, then was on a split with Elder Blackley in Solingen on Thursday, then had a power split with the Euskirchen elders in Solingen on Saturday as well as a JAE activity in Ddorf that we planned on Saturday. So I was in Solingen last week for about one and a half days in total probably. So we didn't get a ton done but it was fine. Things are still going great. 

Good that the Rangers are getting it done, and yes I did get the fine Rangers plasticware haha. I drink much Coke out of it. And I gave the pitcher to one of our JAE's for her birthday haha. 

But umm that's about it, this week was just kinda crazy and I was waaaaaayyyy tired all week so I like can't even remember what I did haha. This week will be good though. 

Hope everything's going awesome, have a great week, love you guys!

Elder Brown

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013


I hope everyone's week was great, mine was pretty awesome yet again in Solingen. It has been pretty hot here. Church was only two hours yesterday because they canceled Sunday School due to the heat and the lack of air conditioning haha it was pretty awesome.

This week was good. We had a pretty busy week, met a lot with our investigator that is getting baptized and a couple times with a new investigator that we met through one of the less actives we meet with. Had a lot of good things happen, people kinda coming out of the woodwork, so it was cool to see. Elder Collins and I have been working hard and it's been nice to see things start happening. Nothing too huge to report on, just basically a good week. Had a split in Wuppertal that was good. Had Zone Training which is always good. Now we're heading on down to Düsseldorf and then this week is looking pretty crazy. We have some meetings in Frankfurt that I may or may not be going to…then two splits and an activity on Saturday. It'll be interesting. 

But that's about it from my end. Things are going really well, I'm happy and having fun. I hope everything's going well for you guys. Have a great week, love you all!!


Elder Brown