Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hey everybody!!

I did indeed perform the baptism... it was so awesome. The whole experience of just teaching, and preparing, and the baptism was just sweet. She is so cool, and she's going to be a way solid addition to the Solingen ward. But yeah, that was the highlight of last week for sure. The program was way good, a lot of missionaries came with investigators so that was really cool. A member gave a talk on baptism and then Elder Ockey gave a talk about the Holy Ghost. Then there were a lot of refreshments... which is always good. The ward was really excited and has done a really good job of welcoming. Elder Collins and I, and the bishop confirmed her on Sunday, and now she's a member, so tight! Definitely will be an experience I look back on the rest of my mission. 

I got my visa and I look pretty dang fresh. Rocking the combover and what not. I'll have to send you guys a pic...) And dang, you'll have to keep your eye out for Elder Hall if you're ever around the YSA ward again, that guy is too fresh.

But in other news this week.... not much. I went on a split with Elder Brown in Krefeld.... so that was fun haha. The people definitely enjoyed themselves some same name humor. And then the rest of the week was basically spent visiting some of our usual people and getting ready for the baptism. It was a good week. 

…until next week! Love you guys,

Elder Brown

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