Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013


It's been pretty nice here for the last week or so. It rained pretty hard yesterday though. I think Summer is well on its way out. 

But yep, transfer calls will be this week, it's so weird. It seems that every cycle goes by faster. I've already been in Solingen for four months! Pretty crazy. It'll be a crazy couple of days. This zone is pretty tight…. I've loved my time in Düsseldorf Zone. We'll see what happens. 

That's crazy that the second school year since I've graduated is starting... I'm so old! Haha, I've only got three months left as a teenager, what the heck??

But not much too new to report from here. This week was kind of just a settle down from the work and excitement of the baptism week. Just kinda had to formulate what's next for Solingen. It was a good week though. Met a lot of new people though. Met some less actives that we hadn't met with before, as well as getting some new referrals, so that was cool. Things are definitely looking up for Solingen I think. 

Our ward mission leader came back from his temple mission, which was nice. He's a boss. He's got a great vision for the missionary work here and really wants to make it happen. 

But not really anything else. The package was awesome, we've made some delicious tacos a couple times this week. A little taste of home haha. It's nice to have something like that every now and then. German food is great, but still. Yesterday we had a pretty massive dinner appointment. Had a ton of salad and bread and stuff, and then two schnitzels and potatoes and yeah... I was very full haha. Gotta start doing morgen sport. Haha.

But that's about it, hope everything is still going well with everybody. Love you guys!

Elder Brown

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