Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hey everybody!!

First off, welcome Cameron! That's sweet.

But this week was good. We did indeed have the baptism, and it was way awesome. And that morning I found out I was being transferred, so that day was kind of a roller coaster. So on Thursday I'll be moving to Wetterau, which is right outside of Friedrichsdorf, where the temple is, so that's cool. And it's near Frankfurt, which means mail will probably be less stressful, Mom! I'm way sad to be leaving Mülheim though, I loved it here. But that's what happens. I'm looking forward to the new challenge. It's a bigger area than any of mine so far, and we have a  car. And apparently there's 4 missionaries in the apartment so that will be something new. 

Sounds like March Madness has been a good one. That's cool that Kentucky has gotten so far. I'll be interested to see what happens next week.

But that's about it... not a whole lot to report on. Just the transfer news. Bittersweet to say the least. Really unexpected. But like I said, I'm excited for it. It's a part of the mish that I haven't seen so I guess that's cool.

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Brown

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey everybody!!

I read quite a few emails this morning about March Madness, but alas, I still have time to write you guys. And I thoroughly enjoyed the tourney updates. Looks like the fam's got a good chance of protecting our honor. Hopefully I make a respectable showing. Blackhurst and Rock chickened out, the VMHMBT was too much for them.

And idk, last week when I emailed I started a whole new email instead of just replying... so I had to fill a subject line. And what's the first thing that I think of when I'm thinking of nothing? Newt Gingrich, of course. It's kind of like when Dan Aykroyd thinks of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man in Ghostbusters. Hopefully I never am put in the situation where my thoughts will determine the method of my destruction. No one wants a giant Newt Gingrich tormenting the city. He'd probably be able to call in reinforcements from his moon colony..... dang. 

Well, anyways. What pics of me are up on the missionary board? I better not look like a goof in any of them. And that's cool that Carina sent you a pic. If there's one thing I've learned on my mission, it's that sisters are better at everything. But I sent a ton this morning so hopefully that worked. 

My year-mark was good. We went to a member's house and had a very traditional German meal of Hackbraten, Rotkohl and Knödel  <Google translation: meatloaf, red cabbage and dumpling>, so that was delicious. And then we played some basketball and had a lesson with a recent-ish convert, of a couple years who just got the Melchizedek Priesthood, so that was good. It was a good day. We actually got down to Friedrichsdorf to the temple on Saturday with some members, so that was cool.

I haven't gotten the package yet... but don't stress!!!! I should've just said I got it...

But the running goal... is a work in progress. I've done it a few times.

But the week was good. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday with Elder Dyches ("Wilt Thou be Made Clean?" from last GC) of the Area Presidency, and that was really good. Then we both were pretty sick with some cold stuff for the rest of the week, so we paced off ourselves a little bit. The baptism is still happening on Saturday so that'll be awesome. Looking forward to a good week. 

Love you all!!

Elder Brown

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hey everybody!

BYU got in!!! The pessimism has paid off again! "No expectations will always be exceeded." - Hayden Brown

I'm really excited that it's March Madness time again though. It will be fun.

That's awesome that Ashley is going to Taiwan, she'll be awesome. July though... that's a long way. I don't know if I said this already, but Sonya, one of the JAE's from Solingen that I was tight with just got her call to Poland. So that was sweet. Missionaries everywhere!

Man... that week was pretty thrilling haha. Sounds fun though. That Thai place in Southlake is good, I remember that. Man... I miss shopping trips to Central Market... samples man!!

But things are here are great. The member’s sons we’re teaching are doing super well. The older son came to church in a white shirt and sport jacket yesterday, which was cool. So yeah, the baptism will be happening next Saturday. We're excited. 

Other than that, we've had some cool stuff happen. We found a new potential investigator through one of our members, and it looks like that'll be sweet.

But yeah, we're having fun! Have a great week!

Elder Brown

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hey everybody!!

Always a good day starting out to some music…Explosions in the Sky . Spring Break... I wonder what that's like. The weather here is super super nice right now. It's awesome. We're heading out to Herne (pretty close to Bochum where we played last time) to play some soccer again. It's literally like perfect today. I hope you're sensing my excitement about this. These days come very rarely.

But anyways, your Costco adventures sound fun. I can't really even imagine what Costco looks like anymore. The grocery stores are tiny here, and the biggest thing we have is Kaufland, which everyone thinks is insane but is really just like the food section of a Wal-Mart. A small one. But it’s whatevs. One day I'll enjoy 72-oz bottles of Ranch dressing again. 

We do daylights saving time here just not for another couple weeks I'm pretty sure... hopefully. We'll see.

But things are going really well here. Elder Rock and I are doing really well, and we've started to see some things get rolling. The member’s sons that we’re working with will be getting baptized on the 29th, so that'll be awesome. We're excited about that obviously, and then we've got some sweet other people that we've met that we'll hopefully be able to start meeting with. I also had an interview with President Schwartz this week that was way good. Discussed a lot of good things and it helped me a ton. Always good to talk to him. Crazy that he's only got like 3 months left. 

But that's about it from my side. Not a super crazy week, but we're excited for this one. Hope you all have an awesome one as well. Love you all!

Elder Brown

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey everybody!

Crazy that the weather is still like that... it's been pretty nice here the past week. Cloudy most of the time, a good amount of sun though, and the temp hasn't been bad at all. And rain shows up every now and then, but that's just a given here. Nothing too crazy though. So there you go, a weather report for you guys in return. 

That's way cool that Ashley put her mission papers in, it's always cool to hear of new people heading out and where they're going. One of the YSA's from Solingen that I was tight with, just got called to Poland. She's from Australia, and is back there now, so she's excited to head right back over here in June. So I'll be excited to hear where Ashley's heading. 

Soccer was fun last week... A slightly handicapped kid joined us and he was the coolest kid ever. So that was a good time. The Karneval party was way fun, we didn't make tacos though. Just a bunch of egg sandwiches, würst, potato salad, noodle salad, and all your favorite German tasties haha. They've got a unique taste. I like it though. And you'll never guess what I witnessed being done by 40 dressed up Germans... the Cupid Shuffle. It has taken over church dances all over the globe. I laughed so hard when it came on.... good times.

I’m still in the same apartment - I like it a lot... I'll be sad when I have to move out... but I'll just hope that day is coming later rather than sooner.

Nice that you gave the missionaries a ride down to the classic Golden-Trainer meeting... That seems like ages ago when I was posted up in the Frankfurt stake center having my own. That was actually the last time I was there... and at the same time, doesn't seem long ago at all. Crazy.

I can't believe March Madness is upon us again... that's insane. I'll do my best to do the family proud. Upper half in the standings would be good enough for me... I'll keep my expectations high though.

Things are going good here, Elder Rock and I are getting along really well. The member's son’s baptism is going to be on the 29th now, because his little brother, who also takes part in the lessons, will be turning 8 on the 24th, and we're gonna do a service for them together. It'll be sweet. And church was way cool this week. A member brought a friend and we talked to him for a while and traded numbers, and then another guy just showed up and Elder Rock talked to him. He's been reading in the Book of Mormon and stuff and wanted to see how it was. So we gave him a card and stuff and he said he'd call us up... so we'll see.

I hope everyone has a great week!! Tschüß!

Elder Brown

oh yeah cool thing I forgot... last Sunday was Stake Conference, and it was broadcast from Salt Lake with the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society Presidency, Elder Bednar, and Elder Hales. My friend Elder Barney and I were sitting together, and before Elder Bednar's talk, we were wondering if he'd say anything in German. He then proceeded to give his entire talk in German... it was pretty sweet. <note: Elder Bednar served his mission in Germany> Kinda weird to be watching an Apostle give a talk not in English. But it was way cool. Just thought I'd tell you before I forgot completely. Tschüß!