Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hey everybody!!

Always a good day starting out to some music…Explosions in the Sky . Spring Break... I wonder what that's like. The weather here is super super nice right now. It's awesome. We're heading out to Herne (pretty close to Bochum where we played last time) to play some soccer again. It's literally like perfect today. I hope you're sensing my excitement about this. These days come very rarely.

But anyways, your Costco adventures sound fun. I can't really even imagine what Costco looks like anymore. The grocery stores are tiny here, and the biggest thing we have is Kaufland, which everyone thinks is insane but is really just like the food section of a Wal-Mart. A small one. But it’s whatevs. One day I'll enjoy 72-oz bottles of Ranch dressing again. 

We do daylights saving time here just not for another couple weeks I'm pretty sure... hopefully. We'll see.

But things are going really well here. Elder Rock and I are doing really well, and we've started to see some things get rolling. The member’s sons that we’re working with will be getting baptized on the 29th, so that'll be awesome. We're excited about that obviously, and then we've got some sweet other people that we've met that we'll hopefully be able to start meeting with. I also had an interview with President Schwartz this week that was way good. Discussed a lot of good things and it helped me a ton. Always good to talk to him. Crazy that he's only got like 3 months left. 

But that's about it from my side. Not a super crazy week, but we're excited for this one. Hope you all have an awesome one as well. Love you all!

Elder Brown

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