Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hey everybody!

The week went well here as well. But church was the whole 3 hours yesterday haha. It was actually fairly chilly in the morning, then warmed up later in the day. It was cool though. During the 2nd hour we basically just planned everything for the upcoming baptism, she tried on the clothes and talked to the bishop and stuff and then we had a little lesson. But everything is on track for Saturday and we're way pumped. It will be really cool. 

This week was pretty crazy. Elder Collins had to go down to two meetings in Frankfurt, and I stayed in Düsseldorf with the ZL's on Tuesday, then went down to Euskirchen on Wednesday, then was on a split with Elder Blackley in Solingen on Thursday, then had a power split with the Euskirchen elders in Solingen on Saturday as well as a JAE activity in Ddorf that we planned on Saturday. So I was in Solingen last week for about one and a half days in total probably. So we didn't get a ton done but it was fine. Things are still going great. 

Good that the Rangers are getting it done, and yes I did get the fine Rangers plasticware haha. I drink much Coke out of it. And I gave the pitcher to one of our JAE's for her birthday haha. 

But umm that's about it, this week was just kinda crazy and I was waaaaaayyyy tired all week so I like can't even remember what I did haha. This week will be good though. 

Hope everything's going awesome, have a great week, love you guys!

Elder Brown

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