Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hey everybody!!

First off WASSUP BYU!! That's so sick. Man, I bet that game was awesome. I do miss me some BYU sports haha. Man... that's awesome. They better do the same to Utah. My best buds out here, Elder Divver and Elder Blackley, are both Utes so there will be a lot riding on that one.

Elder Anderson is the man. We're having a ton of fun together and we're excited for the transfer. He's from South Jordan and came here from down in Nürnberg Zone. He's a stud. The other elders are here, and they're cool too. They live way far away from us though. Like a 30 minute bus ride. 

Everything is going good here. Like I said, Elder Anderson and I are getting along super well and things are looking good. We have one investigator who is super cool and has a ton of potential. Other than that, we're just working with all of the less actives and members that we always have. I love the ward here, they're so awesome. 

And, a little bit of cool news, one of the Young Single Adults here got her mission call this week. She's going to Winnipeg Canada English speaking. So she's really excited about that.

But that's about it as of right now.

Love you guys, hope everything is going well!!


Elder Brown

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