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April 3, 2013

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Freuliche Ostern! (kinda late but whatever)

First off, I got tons of mail this week so thank you everybody!! Hearing from you all is awesome in here. The MTC is great, but you get a little bit of cabin fever haha. Soooo, I think I'll start off by giving a little overview of what I do here every day.
So here's a little rundown of the schedule:
6:20 - wake up (unless it's Friday, then we wake up at 6 and clean bathrooms haha)
7-8 - Personal Study in our classroom (usually read the Book of Mormon)
8:00 - Breakfast
8:35-9:25 - Gym Time (sometimes we have it in the afternoon, but usually morning. I run with my ZL and play basketball usually)
10-11 - TALL (computer language program where we learn the discussions and stuff)
11-11:30 - Additional Study (basically whatever you want)
11:30-12:30 - Language Study (usually plan lessons for our untersuchers)
12:30 - Lunch (and get mail! Everyone is obsessed with mail, not just me haha)
1:20-2 - Additional Study
2-2:30 - Daily Planning
2:30-5:30 - Class (All sorts of stuff: Verkundet Mein Evangelium, Das Buch Mormon, Lektion Plan... and just basic Deutsch stuff too)
5:30 - Dinner (and get mail again!)
6:20 - 9:20 - Class
9:30 - 10:15 - Get ready for bed
10:30 - Lights Out (a wonderful time)

But anyways, that's basically my schedule every day besides today and Sunday. Stuff will switch around every couple days or so but we do the same things. Sometimes we'll have class in the morning, and then TALL and gym time and stuff in the afternoon, but that’s about it. P-Day is great. We have tons of free time and basically just have to eat, do laundry, email, and do whatever else we want. We also get to go to the Temple so that's awesome. And there's a Tuesday night devotional every week. Ostern Sonntag was awesome in the MTC! We had a special sacrament meeting with the whole MTC (over 3,000 of us) with Presiding Bishopric Counselor Cousse... and that was awesome. I love devotionals. But then we just had a great Sunday. Lots of personal study time, Elder Renn and I taught District Meeting and it went really well, and then a great Branch testimony meeting. Then last night we had our Easter devotional with Sheri Dew. It was super tight. Like I said, I love devotionals haha. MTC is great, though. The food is ein bisschen sketch every now and then, but usually it's actually pretty good. There are two zones of German missionaries, with about 36 or 37 in each I think. Lots of sisters. They drill elder/sister relationships all the time it's pretty funny. But it's packed in here with 3,000 of us, and guess how many are coming in August? Eight. Thousand. Glad I'll be out. They're opening up a second MTC in Provo and there's even a small chance that our zone may get moved to the Raintree apartments before we leave, but probably not. But anyways, it's going good! Thanks for the package! Good to hear from you guys!

Ich weiss, dass die Kirche wahr ist!

Auf Wiedersehen Elder Brown

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