Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013

Hallo!! General Konferenz Wochenende war sehr, sehr gut. We literally just watched General Konferenz and then did whatever we wanted haha. It was awesome. On Saturday, we watched the morning and afternoon sessions, and then before Priesthood session a bunch of the elders from the Zone played hacky sack for like an hour. It was really nice to have a weekend to kind of unwind a little bit. But Konferenz was sweet! I loved Elder Cook's talk and Elder Uchtdorf's from Priesthood. Powerful stuff. But watching Konferenz in the MTC is pretty sweet. It was pretty funny when Elder Anderson (I think) made the comment about the "bulging Provo MTC"... Everyone laughed because that is very, very true. More people come every Wednesday than the last. By the time we leave, this place is gonna be crazy. But Sunday was even better! We watched morning and afternoon session just like Saturday, but then we had choir practice (yeah, I'm in the choir, whatever) and this week we're singing an awesome arrangement of Be Still, My Soul. Ich liebe dass Lied . So that was tight, especially after watching Konferenz. But then our Sunday Night Devotional was with Vocal Point, and it was pretty tight. They just sang hymns and gave testimonies about missions and stuff, but it was awesome. They said it was their first time at the MTC, so that's kinda cool. But that was basically the weekend for us. 

I blew it pretty bad in March Madness this year. I haven't even been thinking about it though haha... The first email I got about it I was like "wait, what?" Congrats to Dad though. 

Today is halfway in the MTC. Pretty crazy. It really has gone by so fast. We're all itching to go to Germany. But we're also enjoying the time here. By the way, I've gained 6 pounds since I've been here haha. Pretty tight. 

 It's hard to think of groundbreaking things to share about the MTC... I'll try to write things down throughout the week for the next one. But thank you guys so much for everything! Love you guys, the MTC is awesome, keep writing, the Church is true.... 

Auf Wiedersehen 

Elder Brown

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