Monday, April 29, 2013

April 23, 2013

Hayden's address will change now that he has left the MTC. See the sidebar for his updated address.


Well, here it is, my last email from the MTC... Pretty crazy. Everything we do this week, we're like, "this is our last.... blah blah blah" haha. Going to be bittersweet next Tuesday for sure. But the past week has been really tight.

This week was cool. We have choir practice before Tuesday devotional, so they're always setting up while we sing. Everyone always speculates when they're setting up a teleprompter haha, so we were all like, it's gonna be an Apostle, it's gonna be an Apostle… And it was this time!  Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us for Tuesday night devotional. It was so tight. They don't tell you beforehand so it was pretty cool when he came in. The choir sang, too... so I got to sing "Nearer, My God to Thee" in the presence of an apostle. Pretty tight.
He talked about prayer, and it was soooo good. And at the end he said "I feel impressed that I should give an Apostolic blessing on those of you learning languages... that through study and faith, you won't just learn the language, you'll master it." It was pretty sweet, especially since he hadn't talked at all about languages or anything. And then after the closing hymn, he got up and beat the sister giving the closing prayer to the pulpit and gave a little P.S. I don't really remember what he said but it was pretty funny.

Other than that, the week went well, just like all the other weeks. Our district hosted [the arriving new missionaries] last week, and we are again this week. It's pretty fun. And it makes you feel experienced haha. BYU Men's Chorus came for devotional last night and it was really good. But that's about it.
Next one will be from Germany. Crazy. But until then, love you guys, thanks for writing while I've been here. You guys are the best.

Auf Wiedersehen
Elder Brown

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