Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013


My first email from Germany... kinda crazy. But I´ll get right down to it I guess... Also it´s telling me I´m spelling every word wrong so that´s kinda annoying. Haha but whatever. 

Well, the first week was pretty dope. We landed Wednesday morning and got right down to business. Me and my bud Elder Rogers went out contacting with an elder who was going home, so that was cool. My lone contact was asking an old dude dragging a bag if I could help, and him replying "es gibt kein Gott" {There is no God}... pretty tight haha. Then he started going through the trash. Then we did a bunch of awful paperwork and ate pizza with President and Sister Schwartz. They´re super cool. But then we went to the super foreign Holiday Inn Express and passed out. 

On Thursday morning I met my trainer, Elder Allen, and we headed out to my first area... Solingen. It´s up in the northwest part of the mission, right next to Düsseldorf. It´s a really cool place.. probably about the size of Denton... but Deutsch haha. That took most of the day... Then we went and helped a Nigerian lady paint her apartment. 

Friday, we went to the other city in our area, Remscheid, which is about the same size, to see some less actives but didn´t find any of them. Then we went and helped Esther again. Three YSA´s {Young Single Adults}.. or JAE´s auf Deutsch, have helped us with that... They´re all super tight. A couple are preparing for missions so that´s really cool. But after that, I had my first döner (basically the equivalent of a hamburger in America as far as availability, cost, and healthiness go...) which is basically a gyro. They´re soooo good. I will be eating many haha. 

Saturday we had district meeting in Düsseldorf... District is cool. We went on splits and did a finding day there. I went with an Elder who´s on his last transfer. He´s from Bountiful, but he went to UNT before the mish and spent some time in the YSA ward... - Elder Hall. Also, finding here is a tad difficult. Then we had an appointment back in Solingen... and it was kinda crazy haha. I don´t even know what to say. We went through the 15-step program to quit smoking.... 

First Sunday was really cool. There´s about 70 active members, and they´re pretty sweet. Lots of English is spoken here by the way... so that’s nice. Still learning a lot of Deutsch though. I gave my testimony and introduced myself auf Deutsch. They all said I did wonderful haha. Then we had a dinner appointment that lasted from after church until planning time basically haha. It took like an hour and a half to get there switching buses and everything, but it was great once we got there. It was with the ward mission leader. We had a barbecue and we didn´t even eat like half the meat, and we ate a lot. So that was nice. 

But today we helped the Nigerian sister again... it was cool. 

Anyways, Deutschland has been tight so far. That´s about it for today

Auf Wiedersehen!
Elder Brown

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