Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

We Skyped with Elder Brown on Mother’s Day so his letter was kind of short the next day – a picture is attached – it was great to talk to him and he looked and sounded great!


The past week was pretty good. We´ve been having some pretty good success, and have two pretty solid investigators right now. One of them came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it, so that´s cool. He´s from Kosovo. He´s a really cool dude and we´re looking forward to meeting with him more often. 

Our other investigator didn´t make it to church because his girlfriend was sick, but he´s really cool too and really interested in the church. He´s German and he´s really cool and pretty funny. Those are always fun appointments so I´m looking forward to that. 

Other than that, we work a lot with less-actives and our young adults. Just to kind of help lay the foundation for the future of the church here in Germany. But I really enjoy that especially. We have some super tight, interesting less active members. And then we have three really strong YSA´s that are super cool. It´s fun working with them, and helping them talk with friends and stuff. 

Other than that, I just really like Germany. I love train rides to and from Solingen, they´re super cool. Went through Köln the other day and that´s a super cool city. The food is wonderful. I don´t know how I ever lived without pomm-döners. The Haribo factory in town is also very convenient haha. 

This week is looking like it´ll be pretty busy. We’ll lose a day because of our trip to Frankfurt this weekl, so we have to fit everything into one less day. That´ll be fun. 

Well, if you guys ever have any questions about Deutschland, let me know! I feel like my emails are really boring... haha. But I love you guys, and I hope everything is going well for everyone!

Auf Wiedersehen
Elder Brown

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