Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013


It was Pfingsten (Pentecost?) yesterday, and everything was closed, so we moved our P-day to today, so sorry for the heartache of no email yesterday. Haha but that´s another thing that I like about Deutschland, they have holidays all the time, and actually observe them. The first day I got here was a holiday, and we asked a guy on the street what it was, and he said, "the Erste Mai!" ... The first of May. Haha. So tight. 

But anyways, the week went well, let’s see if I can remember what happened. On Monday, I did indeed hit H&M, as well as Deichmann, and C&A. I very much enjoy shopping here.

On Tuesday we had District Meeting in Düsseldorf which is always fun (and provides great nap time on the Bahn). Then we spent most of the day traveling to and from Monheim for a lesson with a guy. He´s cool, wants to quit smoking (like everyone else). Gave him a blessing, it was cool. Then that night we had a lesson with the investigator who´s our main focus right now. He´s super tight.  Told us he reads his Book of Mormon every night and takes notes on his laptop. Pretty cool. But he now has a baptismal date for June 29. We´re excited. 

Wednesday was Frankfurt for trainers and greenies and that was tight. Train ride to Frankfurt is realllllly long but really pretty. I slept most of it. The meeting was tight though. Got to see all my MTC buds so that was cool. Didn´t get home til like 22 so that was all we did that day. Thursday we met with the less active member who teaches us German. He´s such a boss. He gave us a news article about a bishop in Utah that scared off a robber with a samurai sword. Kinda cool. But then I have like no idea what we did the rest of the day. Met with another investigator who also wants to quit smoking. But he´s a really cool, chill guy. Lessons with him are cool. 

Friday we met with an older member in a nursing home that we go by once a week. Probably my favorite person in the world. He´s so awesome haha. But then we went by another less-active member. He´s a guy that´s super tight. He´s got tats and guns and knives all over the place, and he makes jam. But that was fun. And he gave us jam. It´s delicious.

Saturday was a mission-wide finding day and we bombed it pretty bad so we´ll move on to Sunday haha. Sunday´s always great. Ward is super cool, had an eating appointment and it was good. Then went home and planned. Good chill day. 

Yesterday was a great day. We had a Pfingst Frühstuck in the Gemeinde and it was off the chain. Had like 5 nonmembers there so it was even better. Side note, if I´m not 300 lbs by March 2015 it will be a small miracle. Took the sacrament to a lady in the ward with some health problems... Then visited an older couple with a member of the bishopric and gave them blessings. It was a good day. 

Other than that, I´m loving it here. Deutschland is awesome. The ward is super cool, and I just like it a lot.

 I hope everyone has a schöne Tag and wish everyone well for the kommende Woche.

Love you guys!

Elder Brown

Arriving in Germany

P-day in Solingen

Scenery in Solingen

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