Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013


The Champions League final zwischen Bayern and Dortmund was this weekend. Literally everyone was watching it. Except us. Haha. But it was all anyone was talking about at church on Sunday. Some big Dortmund fans in the ward were getting trash talked a little bit in Ward Council and stuff... Pretty funny.

Well, let’s see what I can remember about this week... It was good. Haha like always. But we had District Meeting in Düsseldorf on Thursday, and that´s always good. Today´s a Zone p-day in Düsseldorf so I´m here right now actually. I like this city a lot.

We had some good lessons with one of our investigators this week, prepping for baptism. But then, I also had a split with another greenie in Wuppertal, so that was fun. It actually was really fun. We just had an eating appointment and a member appointment, so it wasn´t too crazy. Wuppertal´s tight. Look up "wuppertal schwebebahn"... yeahhhh haha. Pretty sweet. 

On our way home on Friday (I think)... we were on the bus, and a lady came up to us and asked about our nametags (in English!) haha, so I was already excited. But then we just talked about what we did and she had a bunch of pretty deep questions about life and stuff.. so I really enjoyed that conversation. But then she gave us her number so hopefully we set something up there. I would very much enjoy that .

Nothing too crazy happened this week. We really just set up appointments and keep ourselves busy most of the day, and there´s often a lot of travel time, so nothing too crazy happens. Just missionary work. Haha it´s really fun though. I´m looking forward to the day here in Düsseldorf. 

I did hear about the tornadoes in OK... One of the members told me about it. He also said something about a flood? (maybe talking about the same thing... Idk) but yeah... that´s no good. Hopefully all the crazy stuff back home is done for a while. 

Say hi to the ward for me in testimony meeting or something. And tell them to give the missionaries referrals haha. 

Well, that´s like all I can think of right now...

Anyways, love you guys!!! Schöne Woche noch

Elder Brown

(Dinner appointment at a member's house on an exchange)

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