Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hallo everybody!                                       

Greetings from Solingen, and agreed, it is so weird that it´s already June. Time goes by so fast. And I´m sorry that Summer has begun yet again... I don´t think I´ve experienced a day over 80 here yet. And we´ve probably had like 3 days over 65 haha. But they use Celsius over here so I mean... 15? or something... No idea. It´s overcast and rainy pretty much every day. And I love it. 

The Heat better win!!! Haha.

Anyways, this week was good. Nothing too crazy but it was still good. Last P-day we went to Düsseldorf and played dodgeball with the zone. It was sweet. Our zone is pretty tight. It´ll be interesting to see who replaces Elder Hall as ZL. That night we went to dinner at our ward mission leader´s house and ate fajitas and chocolate fondue. And then had dessert. Haha it was tight. 

Then Tuesday, I had my visa appointment. Super easy. I´m legal now. We also met with Bruder Olbert, which was wonderful. Wednesday, we met with the member helping us with our language skills, and had Deutsch practice and got our new “homework assignments.” Met with a couple of our JAE´s... pretty chill day. Thursday, we met with one of our investigators, and had a good lesson. Then we had a dinner appointment, which are always great. 

Friday was sweet. We met with three less áctives. One brother, fresh dude from Thailand, gave us noodles that were delicious but spicy as crap. They all went well and it was just a cool day. Saturday we were in Wuppertal as a district and did a street thing with like a board setup and stuff. It was fun. Then we had District Meeting. That night we met with a member that cuts the missionaries hair. So he gave us haircuts, and we ate.

Sunday was good as usual. Always chill. And then today we´re probably going shopping in Düsseldorf.

Anyways, things are going sweet here. I love Solingen. I really hope no funny stuff gets pulled this week with transfers. With all the new missionaries no one really knows what will happen haha. We´ll see though. 

Love you guys! I hope everyone has a great week!!

Elder Brown

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