Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hey guys!

First off I guess. Transfer calls were this week... and after almost 6 months in Solingen... I'm gone. Kinda sad, but at the same time I'm excited. I'll be serving in a town called Langen, in Heidelberg Zone. It's about a 20 minute S-Bahn (the slowest type of train) ride from downtown Frankfurt... so that's pretty cool. The town is super small though (like 30,000 people) and it's just a branch there. My companion's name is Elder Squires, who was actually in Solingen for 3 transfers before me. So that's cool. He is District Leader. Really weird to be leaving Solingen though. Haven't really wrapped my head around it yet. 

But other than that, the week was pretty quiet. We had a really unexpected death in the ward, so we helped a lot with the funeral preparation and stuff. That was pretty sad. I had a pretty good relationship with a lot of the family, and it was pretty rough on them, so yeah... pretty sad. But the funeral service was really nice. 

But as far as Halloween here... I think they do it, but it's nowhere near as popular. The only time I ever talked to a German about Halloween, they weren't very big fans and just saw it as a money-maker. I think that's probably the view of a lot of people here. We'll see though. 

That's good that BYU had a good game. Hopefully they can settle into a good rythym and finish the season strong. When does basketball season start? I've actually missed BYU basketball way more than football... Kinda surprising. I loved going to those games. How's the team looking this year?

Stanford.... come on. I'll have to talk to Conner about that one. Haha, that's crazy. And I heard Texas beat OU pretty bad... that means BYU is better than OU right??

But yep, biggest thing on my mind is transfers right now. Just crazy that I'm leaving this place. I have loved it, there's been the fair share of ups and downs but it really has become like a home to me. Elder Anderson has really become one of my best friends, and I hope we see each other again sometime in the next 18 months. I'm excited for something new though, and to serve kind of in the middle of everything. I think that will be cool. We've got a lot of appointments with some of the members lined up for the next few days, so I'm excited for that. It's been a good time here. 

Keep being awesome, I don't really need anything right now. Life is good. I'll let you know how transfers go!!


Elder Brown

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