Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Things are going really well here. The weather's nice today, and has been fairly nice for the past week. We had a nice busy week and, in spite of one day spent trying to beat a pretty bad cold, we had a lot of fun. Transfer calls are on Saturday and I'm really just focusing on making it a good, fun week here just in case. I really have loved it here.

That's cool that they broadcast Priesthood session this time, I bet that was nice. Did you still get ice cream though??? That's what's most important. But I did get to see the majority of General Conference. Saturday morning session is on Saturday night here, and we watched that in Köln, but got there late because we had a Zone street display in Aachen that went a little late. We watched that one in German because of some technical difficulties, but I still understood most of it. And then Priesthood was on Sunday morning, back in Düsseldorf. That was good, I really liked President Uchtdorf's talk in that. Then we watched Saturday afternoon session, which I thought was awesome. Elder Nielsen, Elder Holland, and Elder Ballard's talks were awesome. Exclamation point. Then Sunday morning on Sunday night haha. Still haven't watched Sunday afternoon. Really liked Elder Oaks' and President Monson's talks. Those were all in English, btw. 

That was also really cool because one of our Young Single Adult’s roommates came for the Sunday morning (aka night in Germany) session and was like taking notes and everything. Pretty cool. During Elder Oaks' talk she leaned over and said "he's good" or something like that haha. Pretty cool. And she was watching it on an iPhone in Russian. Technology is pretty cool these days. 

The temple a couple weeks ago was indeed in German. It was really cool though, understood basically everything and didn't really have any problems. 

Gosh dang it Rangers..... Oh well. Maybe next year. Good about BYU though. 

That's awesome about Olivia. Man, I can't wait to see that crazy kid again. 

This week was good though. We met with some cool people and just had a good time. I've really grown to love the people here in Solingen, members, less actives, investigators, crazies, the whole bunch. It'll be interesting to see what happens this weekend.

But that's about it. Love you guys!!! Hope everything goes well this week That's about it! Bis nächstes mal!!

Elder Brown

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