Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Good week this week, had things go back somewhat to normal so that was nice. The companionship change was a temporary thing... So I went back with Elder Langford late Tuesday night... and then we split with our District Leader on Wednesday morning, so we were right back away from each other haha. But by Thursday we were back and things have been somewhat normal since then.
On Friday we had a big Fireside with Elder Leimar, our Area Seventy, in Essen for all new members and basically anyone that wanted to come... it was way cool. President was there and everything so it was dope. Saw a lot of the missionaries, which is always fun. Then on Saturday we had interviews with President which was great.
Pappadeaux... I could use some crawfish right about now. I bet that was good though. And I haven't heard really anything about the Olympics, but its whatevs.
Good to hear some good news about BYU sports. That's always a pleasant surprise.
I did get the package from the ward.. it was awesome!! Say thank you to all who were involved in that.
But things are going really well here. I'm having a great time. Transfers are this week, and that's always crazy, so we'll see what happens. Oh... I don't know if you guys still watch Project Runway, but Heidi Klum apparently also hosts "Germany's Next Top Model"... and a new season apparently starts soon. "Apparently" because there are ads for it EVERYWHERE and Heidi Klum is totally not distracting at all in them. Europe man... But it reminded me of you guys haha.
Anyways, have a great week everybody!!!

Elder Brown

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