Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hey everybody! 

Things are going well here in Oberhausen and I'm doing great. It's a pretty nice day outside and we're having a good P-day so far. But Sundays here are pretty nice usually. We don't have as many eating appointments on Sunday here as I had in past areas, but I think that's just kind of a difference in the ward. We have stuff to do often though. Yesterday we had our Ward Mission Correlation meeting after Church and then we ate lunch with the Single Adults in the building. Someone made some chicken curry and rice that was way good. But the single adults in the ward are pretty cool, and a couple from other wards come too so it was fun. 

The FHE is a couple in the ward with a little tiny daughter, so they just invite us and some other members and we have it together. She is from North Carolina, and he lived and studied at UNC for like 7 years, so we speak English with them and they're way cool. He's a chemist and may take a job with Exxon in Houston this summer. I told them to look at the Woodlands, and they did and said it looked pretty nice, so maybe we'll have some more friends there haha. 

But I definitely approve of the gifts for Amanda's baby... creamy jalapeno oh my word.... haha. That's so crazy that that's almost here. That'll be weird. 

I'm glad that your lesson went alright Dad. That's weird with the Super Bowl - unfortunate for the Broncos. I would have liked to see Peyton win another one. But good that BYU is doing alright. Hopefully they can pull it off.

Things are good here though. We should have a baptism happening in a couple weeks, so I'll be sure to keep you posted on that. And oh... I totally forgot something kinda big. I am now in a dritt (tripanionship) with Elder Smith and Elder Blackhurst, the other two elders here. Elder Langford still lives next door with a new companion. My two companions are both way cool and we're having a ton of fun. But yeah.. just so you know haha.

I'm doing good. Have a great week!! Tschüß!!

Elder Brown

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