Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hey everybody!!
Glad to hear that it got a little warmer for you guys this week. It was actually kind of warm (relatively) here today, and I don't think it's going to go down much before it starts moving up again. I'll probably eat those words... but just a guess haha. German winter definitely didn't live up to its reputation this year, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed. I kinda like the snow... but not one flake. Whatevs.

So... we had transfers last week like I said, and there is some news. Elder Langford is shipping out, down to the mothership haha. He's gonna be on the Uni campus in Frankfurt, so that's kinda cool. President told him he'd be moved down there, but he didn't know in what capacity. He's pretty excited though I think... And that brings us to my new companion. So, my friend T.J. and I always joked that we'd be comps out here, but never thought it would actually happen.... he is my new comp haha. So I'm kinda excited. "Elder Rock" would be his proper name I guess. So transfer news were pretty good, despite seeing Elder Langford leave.
Elder Blackhurst is satisfied that you loved his letter haha. Him and Elder Smith are staying together, which I'm excited about. We've got a good setup here right now.
Speaking of that, we pulled off our Taco Night on Saturday with great success. It was way fun. TONS of work, but way fun. The members loved it, and we got lots of compliments on our taco making skills. As well as our pinata making skills haha. It was a good time. Bruder Garz, the first counselor in the Bishopric, called us up to the stand yesterday and thanked us, and said the ward should listen to our ideas more often haha. We kinda laughed at that. It was a good experience though. Oh... and I thought Dad would like to know that I kind of love onions now.... but yeah.... mushrooms still suck.
And to Dad's question... P-days here are pretty chill. We kinda just wander around CentrO (huge mall here - by Europe standards) most days. Today we got a steak lunch and went bowling. So that was fun. I continued my reign of dominance in bowling on my mission. I'm unbeatable. At least by subpar bowlers haha.
I'm glad BYU beat St. Mary's on Mouthgaurd's big day. That guy seems like such a Pflaume.
Haha but that's about it. Things are going well. I hope you all have a great week! love you all!

Elder Brown

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