Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Hey everybody, 

My November has also gone great so far. Halloween wasn't anything too special here... we taught English class to an older member in the ward, so that was fun, and then we watched On the Lord's Errand auf Deutsch for language study... pretty exciting stuff.

Thanks for the email addresses! I'll have to ask Landon if he's met an Elder Cottle (my friend Hayden) because they're in the same mission. He said (Hayden) that he thinks he's met Carina but he can't remember for sure. Cool connections though.

This week was good here in Langen. Still a little slow, but starting to pick up. We have started teaching the wife of one of the members in the branch, and that's been fun. She's from the Philippines, and she's way cool. We're excited about that. And then we met with a lot of members and had some great appointments. One of the sisters in the ward is from France and we made crepes and they were wonderful. I told her about Flip Happy Crepes and it made me want to go to Austin haha. But we also had some cool experiences talking to people on the street. We printed off a big QR code to a Mormon Message and just went around asking people to scan it, and one guy did. He then watched the whole video and we gave him a Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool. We'll see where that goes. Then on the way back from District Meeting, we were walking back to the apartment and two girls told us to come and tell them happy birthday... so we did haha. Then we talked about what we do and the Church for a couple hours. So we'll also see where that goes. Lots of potential... now we just wait and see what they do. So is life. 

Oh yeah, fun fact. President Uchtdorf used to be the Stake President here. Kinda cool. A member couple showed us a picture of them with him a while back and he looked way young. It was kinda funny.

I loved Dad's mission stories, I've definitely had many similar ones here. I need to start being more detailed in my journal, I've been pretty basic so far. New goal for the week. 

But yeah, that's about it right now. Things are going well. Have a great week everyone, and I love ya,

Elder Brown 

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