Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey everyone!
My day has been good so far... despite not being able to find the internet cafe for a little bit haha. We changed because the last one was terrible... and there was always a bunch of foreign dudes trying to buy cars... very loudly. But this one's way nice, we just didn't remember where it was at first. So there's a little look into our lives haha.
Some weeks definitely feel longer than others, but they have been going by pretty fast since I've gotten to Oberhausen. We have a lot of fun so even long weeks aren't too bad. But even with the long ones, time goes by incredibly fast. 10 months today... way crazy.
Sounds like ward conferences went well, and that there's some good stuff happening in the Denton Stake as far as missionary work is concerned. That's good to hear.
But as far as your question about the German hymnbook, it is very different than the English one. It has a lot of the same ones, a lot of different ones, and all the numbers are different. There are some pretty sweet German hymns haha. But don't worry, I've got my own little one so you'll see it one day. It's got my name on it and everything.
The weather has still been pretty nice... I don't know if we're gonna be getting any snow any time soon. It's kinda weird because I only heard how awful winter was over the summer and fall... and it hasn't been bad at all. We haven't seen the end of it though.
This week was way good though. We had a great lesson with our American investigator, as well as the member's son we are teaching. He should be baptized next month, so hopefully all goes well with that.
That's great that everything went well with Grandma. She sent an email to Keegan and me today and she sounds like she's doing well.
But all is going well here, I hope you guys have a great week! I'm gonna go get my bowl on!!

Elder Brown

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