Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hey everybody!

Well... let me just start off by giving Germany some props. Germany goes hard on Sylvester (New Year's) haha. Elder Langford and I did indeed ring in the New Year at midnight because it literally would have been impossible to sleep through it. Literally everyone was setting off fireworks. We could lean out our window, and see people lining the streets for as far as we could see. It was pretty sweet. And that went on until about 1, so we got to sleep around then. The streets the next morning looked... and smelled... like a war zone haha. So that was fun. 

But the winter definitely hasn't been bad so far. I'm sure it's not far away though. Snow will be around pretty soon I'm sure. Not really sure if I'm looking forward to that, although I kinda like snow. It'll lend some variety to the scenery haha. But it's been pretty mild so far. It gets kinda cold with the wind sometimes but that's about it. 

But it's weird now that all the holidays are over. Life is just back to its old boring self haha... jk things are always exciting, but it does kind of have a "well.... what do we do now?" feel to it. We're excited though. Oh, and on that note, we did have something exciting happen... transfer calls! I'm going..... nowhere! I made it through a whole transfer without getting moved again, it's pretty nice. Elder Langford and I will be staying together, which I'm really excited about. We get along really well. But one of the other elders here in Oberhausen got transferred… to Solingen! Haha I was pretty pumped for him. I talk about it all the time too so hopefully I didn't get his hopes too high. I really did love that place though and it was cool to see someone I knew go there. But the new elder coming is younger than Elder Langford... so now it's me, Elder Smith (from my MTC group,) Elder Langford, and Elder Blackhurst, who's younger than all of us. 4 elders and me and Elder Smith haven't even hit 10 months yet haha. So that'll be fun. 

But we did have to be in on New Year's at 6 o'clock, I think that's like a worldwide thing... could be wrong though. Elder Langford and I bought a Christmas tree for the apartment... we haven't taken it down yet... it'll probably be up for a long time. It's a real one though so it might start to symbolize the distance of Christmas more than its presence over time haha. 

But things are going well here, we're excited for a new transfer and a new year. We've got some sweet members here who want to help get things going so I think some good stuff is ahead. Crazy that I hit my 10 and 11 month marks this transfer as well... this first year has gone by very very fast. But we're having fun... trying to keep it under control though, don't worry. Haha. 

Hope you all have a great week!! I'll try to do some cool things this week and maybe have some new pics for you next week or something. No promises though! :) 


Elder Brown

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