Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

I’m in the Wetterau area now. Our apartment is pretty sick. And we've got four elders living in it so that keeps things interesting. But it's an interesting area for sure. Definitely way different than anything I've had before. We live in basically a village called Dorheim, part of a city called Friedberg. And then the area is basically a bunch of really small towns that we drive in between. And we have one car... for four elders. So planning is exciting. Haha but it's way fun. The other elders are cool, and I'm excited for the transfer. My comp's name is Elder Wells, from Idaho, so my second non-Utah comp. And actually none of us here are from Utah. Kinda crazzzy.
But congratulations Mom on your VMHMBT Championship. You're a legend. Next year it's looking like I'll be fully conscious for the duration of the tourney though so you better watch out.
Before I left I baptized the older brother and Elder Rock baptized the younger one. They were confirmed by the YM Pres and one of the Primary teachers, respectively. Who are also brothers. So that was cool. It was a good way to end my time in Mülheim fa sho. One of the other elders, Elder Smith, got transferred to Friedrichsdorf, where the temple is, which is also right next to Wetterau, so we basically just followed each other.
That's awesome about Olivia's morning exploits haha. And yes, I have heard of (and heard) Frozen. That's sweet.
I've seen all of General Conference except the Sunday Afternoon session. It was really good. I liked Bishop Stevenson's talk from Sunday morning a lot... at least I think it was Sunday morning. Regardless, it was a good'n.

Cameron looks like an awesome little dude.. can't wait to influence his childhood. And that's insane that the Championship game is a 7 vs. 8... that's sweet.

But things are going well. I had a great last few days in Mülheim, and a great first few days here in Wetterau. I hope you all have an awesome week! Love you!

Elder Brown

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