Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014


So sehen Sieger aus!!!! Haha that was sweet.... there were fireworks going off all night and yeah... pretty awesome. Germany is the best. Literally. But the game was on Sunday night and now it's P-day.... so I don't really know if the people are willing to listen yet. They're probably all really hungover though so my guess would be no at the moment haha. Maybe tomorrow.

Sadly we were yet again not able to go to the zoo. Maybe someday. It's just been raining a ton lately so everything's kinda had a damper put on it. But it's better than brutal heat, I guess. 

But this week was good. We had a good Zone training in Jena where we talked for a bit about the history of East Germany and its dedication/building of a temple here and what not. If you haven't researched the church history here too much, I would definitely recommend it, it's pretty sweet. President Monson has a book about his experiences here called Faith Rewarded and it’s pretty awesome.

But one of the highlights of this week was helping build and take down a super sketchy rock wall as part of a marathon being run here in Gera. One of our members does a lot of organizational work for city events and he volunteered our help. So one of the things we had to do was help build this wall which was basically a 30-40 meter high scaffolding with rock wall clamped to the front. And we built it right up against a tree, and we had to saw off a bunch of branches. So we're all standing on different levels of this kinda shaky scaffolding, lifting things, using tools, sawing off branches, just like no problem. No one really even asked us who we were. It was tight.

But this week was pretty ordinary, but good. We've got interviews with President Stoddard this week, so that will be good. But yeah, that's about it. I hope you guys have an awesome week!!! Love you all,

Elder Brown

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