Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014


I actually kinda miss the Texas summers.... I don't know, probably just good memories of wanting to puke my guts out on the football field haha. But yeah, we've definitely had no shortage of heat here in Gera, but it hasn't been anything too uncomfortable. It was kind of funny, I was on a split with Elder Christenson, who is from Utah and in his first transfer, and we were walking outside. I said, "man, it feels pretty good outside today." He didn't really reply and kind of let out a little laugh, and I said, "what?" And he replied, "I would probably say it’s a little warm." It would be funnier if you knew Elder Christenson probably... haha. He's a really quiet, calm guy, so it was just a kind of funny exchange because he said it so politely. 

But... to the news of the week. We had transfers, and I will be going to Kaiserslautern on Thursday, and I will be serving in the German branch there. There's also an American ward there and a big American military base, and the Rammstein base is not too far away. So it'll be interesting, but I'm excited for the change. Gera was fun and I learned a lot...

That's awesome that Joseph is going to New Jersey, that'll be fun I'm sure. 

But to your question Dad, there are "Mexican" restaurants in Germany, but they are horrible. Okay that might have been strong but they're super Germanized, just like the American burger places and stuff. For some reason they think we put corn and kidney beans on everything.... 

Have a great week! Love you guys!!

Elder Brown

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