Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014


This week was good once again. Went down to Nurnberg again, for our welcome Zoko with President and Sister Stoddard. It was really good, and they're both really cool...the mission is in good hands for sure. It all seems to have transferred over pretty smoothly though. 

Fortunately we have another chance to push the old people around the zoo again tomorrow.. so hopefully the weather cooperates. But besides that, the week is looking pretty normal. We do have a zone meeting in Jena on Thursday though so that'll be fun. 

I bet the ward party was fun. For the Fourth of July we and the other elders went and did some garden work at a member's garden, and then grilled up a couple hamburgers and brats, so that was our celebration. It was actually pretty fun. I don't know how it is back in Texas, but here, member relationships have probably been the best part of my mission. But that might just be a German mission thing. But to the sister question, we do have 4 sisters in our zone, but none in our district. Our district is kind of the warriors out in the wilderness haha. We're like a good 45 minutes away from Jena, which is kind of the center of the zone, and then Werdau is about an hour past us. So we've got each other. 

The week was good, we are just working trying to get something started back up here. It's moving, slowly. But we're gonna get it here soon. I'm having a really good time, and I'm happy.

Have a great week everybody, love you guys!!

Elder Brown

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