Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

<Short email today, but…hey… we got some pictures!>

Hey everybody!

Sounds like you all had a good week! Things were good here, anxious for Christmas though. Sounds like the Christmas party was good.... Brother Barnett's fajitas.... oh man. It's kinda ridiculous how much I miss Mexican food. But our tacos are alright.

But the week was good, not super eventful. We had Zone Conference, so that was good. We went to the Düsseldorf Christmas market afterwards and sang, so that was cool. But we had ward council on Wednesday and they want us (the elders) to sing at the Christmas service on Christmas Eve... they want us to sing an American Christmas song... but basically all the German ones are just translations of English ones haha. Except Silent Night. That song is like sacred here. So we'll see what we can do there. It'll be interesting for sure. 

That's sweet that Guyer's going back to state, hopefully they can pull it off. I'm hoping someday I'll make it to a Bundesliga game here. I've been up in Dortmund country most of my mission, but there's Bayern fans everywhere. And a lot of people here are FC Schalke fans here as well. Just in case you want to honor me in any holiday FIFA playing ;)

But not much to report on, and we'll talk next week, so I'm gonna try and get some pics on here. 

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