Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hey everybody!

Yeah, I'm pretty excited for my birthday on Wednesday, we're making tacos! Haha it'll be great. 

The transfer went well, and I did indeed spend Thanksgiving on a train/at a train station. We got to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof at about 11 and I got to Oberhausen (the city right next to Mülheim where we actually live) at about 5. So that was fun. My new companion is way cool. He's from Provo and his name is Elder Langford. We like a ton of the same music, and his favorite band is Brand New... so we talk about that a lot. He was at a bunch of the same concerts as me last year which was kinda funny. But yeah, things are going well there. He's also super tall so I look tiny all the time. 

Oberhausen/Mülheim is pretty sweet. In case you didn't learn it in your research, it has the biggest mall in Europe, and 2 others that are up there as well... so that'll always be a nice P-day fall back plan. The ward is way cool, about the same size as Solingen, so nothing too new there. Way cool people though. I'm excited. I've met with a few of them and all the appointments have been fun. We've got the Christmas party this week too so that'll be fun.

Sounds like you all had a good Thanksgiving week - I did indeed have a Thanksgiving dinner/lunch in Darmstadt that the senior couple there made. It was wonderful. 

My new ward, Mülheim ward, is actually in Dortmund Zone/Stake so that's a little something new. It's right on the border of Düsseldorf Zone though and we have Zone Conference in Düsseldorf next week so that'll be fun. It is very much like Solingen in appearance/people/weather though, so that's good to be back to something I'm accustomed to.

But other than that, just getting settled in here right now. Looks like we've got some good things happening here and I'm excited to get going.

Have a great week everybody!! Love you all, 

Elder Brown

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