Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Hey everybody!

That's crazy about the weather... It was pretty funny this week actually. It was kind of cold and windy and we had a lunch appointment with some members. At the end of the appointment, she asked us if we'd heard about the storm that was coming that afternoon. We hadn't, and she told us that a storm was supposed to be coming that was gonna be huge, and that they'd never had a storm warning like this in a long time of living here. So we're all like dang... but then nothing that day really happens. But then late that night, Zone Training for the next day in Dortmund gets cancelled, because of the storm. So we just assume it's coming later than expected. And then the next day it snows for like 2 minutes and then the rest of the day is really nice... by German December standards. So we were just like... well, our plans got ruined for nothing haha. So that was a fun day. But it's actually been fairly nice here recently. It's pretty cold, but that's about it. And it rains every now and then, nothing too bad.

That's sweet that Olivia's bday is this week! Tell her Happy Birthday from me!

My birthday was good. We did indeed make tacos, and they were delicious. I did get the Fuzzy's seasoning, so that was in one of the packages I've already gotten haha. But that was a wonderful addition to the bday tacos. I bought myself a new sweater and some gloves... So thanks!

My area is an existing area that got an extra set of elders - aka me and Elder Langford, who was already here just split it with is old companion. 

But other than that, things are good. Trying to keep everything going in the winter... visiting a lot of members, which is always fun. But things are rolling along. I hope you guys have a good week!

Elder Brown

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